Eagles Big V Is Going To Turn Into A Great Player

Eagles Big V Is Going To Turn Into A Great Player

Wentz was sacked three times including one possession where was beat one-on-one leading to an 8-yard loss. But as the game went on, Vaitai improved and so did the offense. The team finished with 304 net yards and 112 yards on the ground in a landslide 33-10 victory. “I’m still trying to get the mechanics down, technique down, but you know I’ve got great guys like Lane (Johnson) giving me a positive vibe,” Vaitai said. “I just need to work and stay calm and play with poise.”

As might be expected, made a few mistakes. Early in the third quarter, he was called for a questionable holding penalty that pushed the Eagles back. The second-year tackle will get a chance to study his performance on film in preparation for next week against a tough Broncos front seven.

“I think initially, until I can watch the tape, it felt like he played OK,” head coach Doug Pederson said. “We went into the game plan, sending a back over his direction a little bit and helping both our tackles, but primarily over on the left side. He settled into the game and did a nice job. Again, I’ll evaluate the film tomorrow and get a chance to make the necessary corrections. But I think, overall, he filled in well, and we’ll get him ready next week again.”

Right tackle Johnson shared similar sentiments about Vaitai’s outing.

Johnson said Vaitai did good. A couple of bad plays here and there but really settled in, nobody’s going to be able to replace . That guy’s potentially the best ever but he think Big V is going to turn into a great player. He is happy with how he did.”

Big V would be a starter on a lot of teams. Yes, he is young and will make some mistakes; but people believe Lane is right – given time and reps, Big V will be a top-notch tackle. Before we all write this kid off as forever a servicable backup, lets legitimately see what he can bring to the table. Keep in mind that Peters was an undrafted free agent who began his career on special teams. Some fans anxious to see what Stoutland can do with this kid. Good comments by Johnson and Pederson. Big V can only be as good as he can be. The team supports every player. Should we draft a future star OT? Yes.

It had been a while since Alshon Jeffery found footing in the end zone. Last time, it was in the sunny skies of Carson, California. This time, it came in the rain at Lincoln Financial Field. Having played in Chicago for years, Jeffery’s seen it all and barely even noticed the light showers Sunday afternoon in the Eagles’ 33-10 win over San Francisco .

Securing a 53-yard touchdown bomb from Carson Wentz midway through the third quarter looked easy for Jeffery. The deep pass was a toss-up but Jeffery outleaped cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon then brushed off another tackle to make it past the orange pylon for a touchdown.

For the long-armed receiver, hauling in passes over the outstretched arms of defenders is like bringing down a rebound, a skill he took pride in as a basketball player. But for his touchdown celebration, Jeffery tried his hand at baseball. He lined up for a celebratory home run only to be hit by a pitch from Zach Ertz. Jeffery chased after Ertz and the fans at the Linc erupted into applause. Jeffery took credit for choreographing the fun.

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